All Of My Friends

by Old and Weird

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Uh huh what do I think about that?
Well, I guess I'm just wondering how it came about.
I'm deciding to be cool with it, but I just feel like
I want someone to be upset

Red nose hole about to bust open-
Thrust my organ sore for a good photo.
All I wanna ask ya is
"Have we met before?"

All of my friends are hanging ten
All fifty of them in a two-man tent.
I'm gonna tell them all to kiss at the same time.
On their own time, they'll do it anyways.

All of my friends are hanging ten,
Saying prayers to pretty faces, writing names on their wrists.
Saying, "You can count anything on your fingers,"
And, "I tempted, but not active."

Got a gut feeling about them gut songs.
Sure it was sweet but I don't know what you mean.
I don't get feeling good if she says she feels bad.
Feels bad

All of my friends are hanging ten,
All fifty of them in a twin-sized bed.
I never worry if I'll see them again-
I always do- I usually do.

All of my friends are hanging ten.
All of my friends are at Java Blend.
I won't need a phone to contact them when I want to.
I won't have to.

All of my friends are moms and dads,
Aunts and uncles to my prince cat.
Oh, he gets more love than any of us I know.
He gets it everyday.



released April 17, 2013
Instrumental recorded at Echo Chamber with Charles Austin
Vocals recorded at Macara basement with special guy Nigel Chapman




Old and Weird Halifax, Nova Scotia

Allison Higgins
Danika Vandersteen
Hannah Guinan
Sandi Rankaduwa
Cheryl Hann
Nick Dourado

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